Partner Churches

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We support over 120 Church Partners and Plants around the world. We believe the local church is the face of Christ in their community and celebrate the unique impact that each church has in their local context. The churches we partner with are in local, national and international contexts and God is doing incredible things through each and every partner. As you read, pray for our Church Partners. You will find the churches listed by country and area of the world with our Canadian churches listed first.

Akmal and Sarah Erastus

Punjabi Church - Winnipeg Manitoba

Partner Church | Winnipeg Manitoba

Akmal and Sarah were born and raised in Pakistan and immigrated to Canada in 2011. Winnipeg is a city where around 30,000 Punjabi people live. Most of them did not get the opportunity to know Jesus. Akmal and Sarah want to see Punjabi people receive Jesus as their Saviour and worship the Lord in their heart language. After a few years, they felt a strong call from the Lord to witness the Punjabi people. In 2017, the first person accepted Jesus. After one month, seven new people came to accept Jesus and join their fellowship

Bertholi G. Gaspard and Cynthia Louissaint

Eglise La Mission - Quebec

Partner Church | Quebec

We are passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ and reaching the churchless and unbelievers. We believe that everyone deserves to hear and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, we are convinced that we are called to reach the churchless and non-believers. Thus, we believe that these people need a dynamic and modern Church that is welcoming and accessible, and that addresses subjects that meet their deep needs.

Chris and Adrienne Stevens

Neighbour's Church - Ottawa Ontario

Partner Church | Ottawa Ontario

We love to see people take a step towards Jesus and their neighbours every day. In our first year and a half we have had 5 baptismal services with new Canadians from 5 different nations, seniors to teens, all telling the beautifully diverse story of how they’ve come to know Jesus personally. The task has been surrounded with family, friends, small groups, mentors, recovery groups, and others who have been a part of their story.

Colton and Tiara Carrick

Redemption Church - Charlotteown PEI

Partner Church | Charlotteown PEI

Colton and Tiara are excited to see God build his church in Charlottetown by his Word and Spirit. They love to see the Gospel preached near and far and to see people’s lives transformed as they come to better know the Living God.

Dan and Melody Chook Reid

Bytown Community Church - Gloucester Ontario

Partner Church | Gloucester Ontario

Dan and Melody both have backgrounds in campus ministry. Through these past experiences they have strong partnerships with U. Ottawa and Carleton University. Bytown Community Church meets between both universities and the fastest growing demographic in the church is students.

Hope City Barrie

Barrie Ontario

Partner Church | Barrie Ontario

Hope City Barrie is here for the long haul. Hope Barrie began as a small group of people meeting in a downtown coffee shop, dreaming of better things.  Human Development, what our faith calls discipleship, moves at the speed of relationship. And relationships grow into community.  Hope City quickly grew into a church group in early 2014.  Since then, we have grown to be a vital and permanent presence in Barrie's downtown.

Hugues Gauthier and Stéphanie Beaulieu

Eglise ILYA+ - Quebec

Partner Church | Quebec

Our heart and passion are to see today's generation encounter Jesus in a form and language for today. Through the good news of Jesus, we want to see lives transformed, people and families regain hope and find meaning in their lives. Our desire is to reach young families and provide an environment that is suitable for parents and their children.

Jeff and Jocelyn Froese

Grace Evergreen - Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Partner Church | Saskatoon Saskatchewan

We moved into the community of Evergreen in northeast Saskatoon 5 years ago. We came from a small rural church in northern Saskatchewan and church planting wasn’t something that we ever thought we would do. However, God stirred in my heart the desire to church plant. We see a deep need to plant new churches and to see the gospel grow in places where there is no gospel presence.

Jérémie Dupont and Jessica Pinney

LightHouse Church of Lavaltrie - Quebec

Partner Church | Quebec

As newlyweds, we embarked on the adventure of planting a new church. Today, we see God's blessing in our lives, and in our Church. It is a joy for us to simply be able to share who Jesus is through his Word with the people around us. We are convinced that this world is in desperate need of Jesus. We see people all around us being devastated by sin, torn apart, isolated and distant from one another.

Jon and Vikki Ruby

Union City Church - Ottawa Ontario

Partner Church | Ottawa Ontario

Having lived through 15 years of addiction together we just celebrated 17 years of sobriety. Our favorite part of ministry is meeting with people struggling with addictions and bondage of all kinds and introducing them to a relationship with a God who can truly set them free. UCC hosts a number of community events (sober parties) under Ashes to Rubies and it's amazing to see people's faces when they find out they're in a church and then see them begin to attend church and ultimately, participate in our LifeLab Spiritual Awakening Workshop which is a 5-month discipleship program.

Jonathan and Rachel Labelle

Eglise La Cite - Quebec

Partner Church | Quebec

Jonathan is a passionate visionary filled with ideas to share the Gospel in Quebec. Pastor-planter for 3 years, he has been in the ministry for nearly 20 years. La Cité Laval's vision is to see Jesus transform the city one person at a time. Since God acts in the hearts of individual believers as well as those whom he calls to become a follower, our mandate is to make him known. We are convinced that Jesus is the only one who can fill the heart of every human being who seeks a fulfilled life.

Michael and Nathalie Ardoin

Eglise dans Lanaudiere - Quebec

Partner Church | Quebec

We dream of seeing intergenerational communities emerge throughout Lanaudière and bring the renewed life of Jesus around them. We are passionate about seeing what people of different ages, with different gifts can experience together and accomplish together with the same vision. We are particularly committed to children and their importance in the transformation and development of our region.

Mike and Kim Olynyk

Meadows Church - Langley British Columbia

Partner Church | Langley British Columbia

Kim and Mike have been married for 14 years and have three kids: Raelyn, Makenna and Grayson. Mike, Kim and the kids are incredibly missional in their approach to life. Mike coaches Raelyn and Makenna’s soccer teams and Grayson’s hockey team. Kim works part-time and volunteers heavily at Langley Meadows Elementary as PAC president. As a family they love hiking ice-skating, biking, playing board games and being hospitable with their home and pool.

Richard and Nazira Rayam

Arabic Bible Church - Ottawa Ontario

Partner Church | Ottawa Ontario

ABC exists to make disciple for All Arabic speakers (100,000 in Ottawa and 1 million in Canada). Two thirds of of Arabic speakers and Muslim don't know English and will not learn it. Arabic people live together and appreciate family and community. There are more than 400 Arabic Mosques in Canada. Arabic people who are living in Canada, need Arabic friends and family to settle down, ABC is for them and during this period of time.

Rob and Julie Laidlaw

Explore Church - Eastern Passage Nova Scotia

Partner Church | Nova Scotia

After twelve years of pastoring, we finally realized our heart's passion is for planting new churches. We love living by faith and wondering exactly how God is going to provide and build his church through a small focused team. Our passion is to see Jesus brought into communities of Nova Scotia where the gospel is not known or initially well received.

Siamak Shafti-Keramat and Mina Ghafari

Spirit of Truth Church - New York Ontario

Partner Church | New York Ontario

Our passion is to bring the LIGHT by introducing God and Jesus Christ as the Savior to those who are victims of darkness and are currently living mostly as refugees in Greater Toronto Area, other provinces in Canada and other countries that are full of refugees around the world, like Turkey, Georgian, Armenia etc. We know these refugees are coming to the church mainly for immigration purposes and looking for a quick baptism.

Steve Jean-Baptiste and Véronique Joseph-Blais

Église Le Campus - Canada

Partner Church | Canada

God called us to church plant and it is with passion and perseverance that we work, to bring the good news of the Gospel to our city. We believe that through: a local church centered on Jesus; A community of believers rooted in its community, as well as support and mutual aid initiatives, we can adequately carry this message of love and transformation to the families of our city.

Andrii and Olha Oiovych

Fimiam Evangelical Baptist Church – Lutsk, Ukraine

Partner Church | Lutsk, Ukraine

Pastor Andrii is a member of the pastoral team at Fimiam Church. His particular focus is to organize and operate sports activities which provide an avenue for ministering to people and sharing the Gospel. Pastor Andrii also strives to be of service to residents and military families who are suffering great physical and mental trauma because of the war.

Andriy and Olena Korniychuk

Grace Church – Rivne, Ukraine

Partner Church | Rivne, Ukraine

Grace Church has been acting as a beacon of light and hope to its community since 2002. Its 470+ members provide ministries for all ages in a church that continues to lead people spiritually despite the challenges of war.

Hennadii and Olena Prosianko

The Way of Salvation Church – Pereschepyne, Ukraine

Partner Church | Pereschepyne, Ukraine

This church has an active ministry amongst civilians and the military in the Donbas war zone. The church works to support refugees from the conflict, engage in evangelism and outreach, assist seniors living in poverty, and promote small group Bible studies. In addition, Pastor Hennadii serves as a chaplain to the military on the frontline.

Igor and Natalya Himik

The Word of Life Church – Balti, Moldova

Partner Church | Balti, Moldova

The Himiks and the congregation of The Word of Life Church are actively doing the work of the church, preaching the Gospel, helping the poor and expanding the Kingdom of God. Their ministries include children and youth ministries, young adult programs, ministering to the poor, and small group Bible studies.

Ihor and Liudmyla Bondar

The Light of the Gospel Church – Dobropillia, Ukraine

Partner Church | Dobropillia, Ukraine

This church is located very close to the front lines of the war in Donbas, Ukraine. After having been forced to leave their home for about a year, Pastor Ihor and his family returned to rebuild their lives and to re-open the church. Their ministries include providing support to refugees (more than 2000 since 2014), caring for the poor and disabled, and Summer Camp ministries.

Liubomyr and Tetiana Turchak

The House of God Church – Rivne, Ukraine

Partner Church | Rivne, Ukraine

This church is a relatively new addition to the HART family but has been operating since 2017. Their goals include seeing every church member lead one person to Christ every year and to see every church member serve someone else in the church once a week. Theirs is the only Christian church in a community of 10,000 people.

Oleksandr and Ivanna Maksymov

Reconciliation Bible Church – Ternopil, Ukraine

Partner Church | Ternopil, Ukraine

Pastor Oleksandr and his wife Ivanna moved to Ternopil in 2014 to begin a new work and plant a new church. This was a huge challenge as fighting had just broken out in Eastern Ukraine. Nevertheless, the Maksymovs persisted and through street evangelism, various evangelistic events and projects, and Bible study groups, a new church was born.

Oleksandr and Larisa Havryliuk

Transfiguration Evangelical Baptist Church – Rivne, Ukraine

Partner Church | Rivne, Ukraine

Like many churches in Ukraine, Transfiguration Church in 2023 began focusing much more on assisting refugees from the current war in that country. They have set up a distribution center where items like food, hygiene products, clothing and other necessities are distributed. They have helped people of all ages in this way (and many of the refugees have begun to investigate what the church is all about). Some have come to faith in Christ.

Rostyslav and Natalya Boychuk

Grace Church – Pavlivka, Ukraine

Partner Church | Pavlivka, Ukraine

Pastor Rostyslav and his wife Natalya have been faithfully serving in this rural church for about 25 years now. Their regular weekly services, Sunday School, studies, youth meetings, etc. continue despite difficulties from the ongoing conflict. The Boychuks are profoundly grateful for HART and its sponsors, saying that HART’s support means they feel cared for and that the help provided is vitally important for their ministry to the community.

Serhii and Olena Deinekin

Jesus is the Bread of Life Church – Chornobaivka, Ukraine

Partner Church | Chornobaivka, Ukraine

Pastor Serhii and his wife Olena (and their congregation) are working hard to provide critical help to their local community (which consists of 8 villages (about 17,000 people) in and around their hometown in the Kherson region). As of the writing of this report, their community is within 12 km of the frontline fighting.

Valerii and Olena Marchenko

Gethsemane Christian Evangelical Church – Lviv, Ukraine

Partner Church | Lviv, Ukraine

Pastor Valerii reports that since the fifth day of the start of the war, God has given to Gethsemane Church an understanding of how they could serve people who were in trouble and in need. And they have been faithful to that calling! While maintaining a Gospel witness in Lviv, this church has provided food, hygiene products, and support (both spiritual and psychological) to refugees daily

Vladimir and Yulia Ubeivolc

Beginning of Life / Light to the World Church – Chisinau, Moldova

Partner Church | Chisinau, Moldova

The Beginning of Life team (supported by Light of the World Church) seeks to change the life perspectives of disadvantaged children and their families in Moldova, as well as for Ukrainian refugees. The aim is to provide spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and material support.

Yevhen and Natalya Bondarenko

There Is Love Church Nova - Kakhovka, Ukraine

Partner Church | Kakhovka, Ukraine

Pastor Yevhen serves as both the pastor of a church and as the executive pastor of the Baptist Union in the Kherson region. In the proximity of fierce military battles, Pastor Yevhen and his team are on the road almost every day visiting people and encouraging them. They share God’s Word and bring critical supplies to meet daily needs. Pastor Yevhen reports… “We see how this ministry brings tears to people’s eyes, we see their hearts soften, and how they cling to the hope we bring in Christ.”

Reconciliation Road Church

Amanzamtoti, South Africa

Partner Church | Amanzamtoti, South Africa

The community RRC serves is still struggling to emerge from the dark days of Apartheid in South Africa. It is a community continuing to grapple with racial discrimination, disunity and the legacy of the evil historical system of separation and oppression. So, we serve a radically unequal community with those inequalities running along racial lines and the deep scars of prejudice still evident. But the gospel is the hope both for racial reconciliation and a profound unity not possible in any other way.

B Church

Central Asia

Partner Church | Central Asia

B Church is led by a gifted pastor from the Himalayan region. The area served is known as the land of snow, apples and gods and goddesses. This region has a population of 7.5 million people with 35 different dialects. There are 115 people groups and over 19000 villages.

Cambodia Empower

Southeast Asia

Partner Church | Restricted Access

Southeast Asian pastors and church planters exemplify unwavering dedication as they work tirelessly among their people to share the Gospel. These individuals, driven by a profound faith and deep compassion, devote their lives to bringing hope and salvation to impoverished communities throughout this country. Despite facing immense challenges such as limited resources and a life of poverty, these believers remain steadfast in their commitment to travel to remote villages and spread the message of the Gospel.

Central Africa

Central Africa

Partner Church | Central Africa

Nestled in a corner of Africa, lies a treasure trove of cultural magnificence and breathtaking landscapes. This country is a vibrant mosaic of diverse ethnic groups. Beyond its physical beauty, Eurasia’s rich history of unwavering independence has birthed a tapestry of traditional music, tantalizing cuisine, and a deep-rooted coffee culture. Against all odds, the message of the Gospel is penetrating the very heart of regions once plagued by fierce persecution of believers.

Cuba World Serve

Latin America

Partner Church | Restricted Access

With the challenges of the economic crisis people are searching for help and meaning in life. The country’s new spiritual dynamic includes rapid house-church growth, evangelistic missions, relief work, and community development. As a result, revival is springing up in the face of severe economic challenges and many are coming to Christ.

Latin America

Partner Church | Latin America

With the challenges of the economic crisis people are searching for help and meaning in life. The country’s new spiritual dynamic includes rapid house-church growth, evangelistic missions, relief work, and community development. As a result, revival is springing up in the face of severe economic challenges and many are coming to Christ. Secular youth are disenchanted but the Christian youth are on fire for Christ and have a desire to reach their generation.

S Church

Central Asia

Partner Church | Central Asia

S Church is led by a gifted pastor.  For many years they have served the marginalized in the Himalayas and welcomed families from the outlying areas for medical treatment.  House churches were started in many areas when families returned to their homes in remote villages.  Covid brought an increased opportunity to serve the greater community and courageously serve those in need as the hands of feet of Jesus.

Southeast Asia

Partner Church | Southeast Asia

Isaiah, a devoted pastor, has made significant strides in establishing churches near the country’s border. Guided by the Holy Spirit, he embarked on a remarkable journey to bring the Gospel to the remote river people in the south. Initially, these villagers adhered to animism, a belief system centered around spirits inhabiting objects, animals, and places. However, as Isaiah preached the word of God, they began to idolize him instead.

God is at Work.

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