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Bertholi G. Gaspard and Cynthia Louissaint

Partner Church | North America
Bertholi G. Gaspard and Cynthia Louissaint
Eglise La Mission - Quebec

We are passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ and reaching the churchless and unbelievers. We believe that everyone deserves to hear and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, we are convinced that we are called to reach the churchless and non-believers. Thus, we believe that these people need a dynamic and modern Church that is welcoming and accessible, and that addresses subjects that meet their deep needs. We are committed to creating a church that is a transformative place for them. By God's grace, we want this church to be a place where people can feel loved, welcomed, and accepted, and where they can find the true meaning of life in Jesus Christ. 

Mission Church is located in the Saint-Léonard district of Montreal. It serves a diverse community of young adults from several neighbourhoods and other cities near Montreal. The church offers a variety of services and activities to meet the needs of its community, including Sunday services, social activities by doing evangelism through missional community, community support programs to serve the neighborhood and the city.

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