Baptism & Membership

Baptism at Centre Street Church

The Significance of Baptism

Jesus was baptized and He asks His followers to be baptized. Baptism shows that God has washed away our sins and given us new life through the death and resurrection of Jesus. It also makes us part of God’s big spiritual family – we become brothers and sisters with all the people who are following Jesus today, and the people who have followed Him throughout history. It’s is a way of showing “repentance” – a public declaration that we are handing control of our life over to God.

Baptism and Children

At Centre Street Church, we welcome anyone in grade 4 and older to get baptized, with permission from a parent or guardian for those under the age of 18. 

Child Dedication

God has given parents a tremendous responsibility and blessing in shaping a child’s life. A child dedication allows parents to appeal to God for His assistance and to invite the family of God to help and support them as they raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Church Membership

When we put our faith in Jesus, He makes us part of His family. This family is also called the Church – people who gather to love each other and the world. The primary purpose of the Church is simply to introduce people to Jesus and help them become His devoted followers. The ways we do this include building relationships, worship, teaching, and serving others.

Attending a Discover Your Church class will introduce you to membership at Centre Street Church (this class is a requirement of membership). Please click below for available dates and registration: