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S Church

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S Church
Central Asia

S Church is led by a gifted pastor.  For many years they have served the marginalized in the Himalayas and welcomed families from the outlying areas for medical treatment.  House churches were started in many areas when families returned to their homes in remote villages.  Covid brought an increased opportunity to serve the greater community and courageously serve those in need as the hands of feet of Jesus.

The land known for almost impossible trekking experiences is a land of beauty and contrast.  Nestled in the Himalayan mountains, they are a peace-loving people and hospitable to outsiders.  The ruggedness of the country means that there are many unreached people groups across this small country although every one of the 75 districts has at least one church.  Many go to the Himalayas in hope of gaining spiritual enlightenment and in the last few years the government has focused on establishing this country as a Hindu nation. 

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