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Chris and Adrienne Stevens

Partner Church | North America
Chris and Adrienne Stevens
Neighbour's Church - Ottawa Ontario

We love to see people take a step towards Jesus and their neighbours every day. In our first year and a half we have had 5 baptismal services with new Canadians from 5 different nations, seniors to teens, all telling the beautifully diverse story of how they’ve come to know Jesus personally. The task has been surrounded with family, friends, small groups, mentors, recovery groups, and others who have been a part of their story. After 20+ years in ministry starting a church from scratch again has renewed my passion to make Jesus known amongst the least reached in Canada, raise up leaders to make our church a community our neighbours would miss if we were gone (with ministry in seniors homes, refugee housing, recovery groups, and the food cupboard to name a few), and ensure that people are intentionally moving forward in their discipleship with a clear 10 year discipleship plan.


Although Barrhaven has one of the higher incomes and educations in Canadian communities, the food insecurity has risen by 4x in the last year, with mental health and addictions rising as well. It is an incredibly diverse suburban neighbourhood southwest of the city of Ottawa on the Rideau River, with Ottawa’s biggest mosque. Only 4% of its slightly younger population of 100,000+ people (1.1 million Ottawa/Gatineau) attend church. Less than 1000 people actually attend church in the neighbourhood’s 10 churches, but others attend churches outside the community. This is one of Canada’s least reached English-speaking areas.

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