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Jérémie Dupont and Jessica Pinney

Partner Church | North America
Jérémie Dupont and Jessica Pinney
LightHouse Church of Lavaltrie - Quebec

As newlyweds, we embarked on the adventure of planting a new church. Today, we see God's blessing in our lives, and in our Church. It is a joy for us to simply be able to share who Jesus is through his Word with the people around us. We are convinced that this world is in desperate need of Jesus. We see people all around us being devastated by sin, torn apart, isolated and distant from one another. Our desire is to unite in Jesus Christ. Our wish is to gather a community of disciples of Jesus dedicated to follow him in all simplicity: to adore him, to obey him, to resemble him and to reflect his light in Lavaltrie. How are we going to get there? By his grace. By his grace we will serve of our neighbor and persevere in fraternal communion.

Lavaltrie is a growing city of about 15,000 inhabitants, on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, located in the Lanaudière region. With its many community organizations, charitable activities and popular events, it is the social and community life of the city that makes its charm. However, since the pandemic, gentrification has accelerated, and the gap between rich and poor continues to widen. The city's spiritual past is dark. A very active sect has been present for a long time and dark legends circulate throughout Quebec about Lavaltrie. Moreover, as is the case for many cities in regions a little further away from Quebec, there is no other active Church. However, we thank the Lord for the many opportunities to partner with the city over the years to serve citizens. Obviously, the soil is ready to receive the seed of the Gospel, and God gives us the grace to already witness the fruits that grow there.  

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