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Michael and Nathalie Ardoin

Partner Church | North America
Michael and Nathalie Ardoin
Eglise dans Lanaudiere - Quebec

We dream of seeing intergenerational communities emerge throughout Lanaudière and bring the renewed life of Jesus around them. We are passionate about seeing what people of different ages, with different gifts can experience together and accomplish together with the same vision. We are particularly committed to children and their importance in the transformation and development of our region. We believe there is much more to life for families. We love to inspire, teach and start projects with teams in mission, particularly mission for and with families and young people. 

The north of Lanaudière is quite disadvantaged, with a greater diversity in families in Joliette and surrounding areas, both in their origins and in their socio-economic background. Although we are committed to the transformation of as many Lanaudière families as possible, our desire is to reach young middle-class families in our neighborhood to help them discover their potential and equip them to reach out to those around them. This is a generation more open to spirituality than their parents. A good number of families in our neighborhood are blended and this makes regular and progressive contact difficult, due to the change in family dynamics. There are, however, several strong couples that we are encouraging as well as other we are seeking to help others get involved.

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