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Isaiah, a devoted pastor, has made significant strides in establishing churches near the country’s border. Guided by the Holy Spirit, he embarked on a remarkable journey to bring the Gospel to the remote river people in the south. Initially, these villagers adhered to animism, a belief system centered around spirits inhabiting objects, animals, and places. However, as Isaiah preached the word of God, they began to idolize him instead. Recognizing the need to redirect their devotion, Isaiah emphasized that only God, the creator, deserves such reverence. Isaiah's message resonated with the villagers, and he eventually earned the favor of the chief, who started translating his teachings. Through his teachings on Jesus and eternal life, many members of the tribe embraced Christianity, transforming their lives and communities. Isaiah, driven by his commitment to disciple these newfound believers, decided to remain with the villagers for the long term. In addition to teaching and preaching, he also assists them in farming and building homes. Isaiah's unwavering dedication has had a profound impact on the river people, with thousands accepting the Lord and embracing Christianity. However, the growing number of believers has created a pressing need for additional workers to support this burgeoning community. Isaiah's remarkable journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith and the importance of long-term commitment in spreading the Gospel.GettyImages-1196486381.jpgSoutheast Asian pastors and church planters exemplify unwavering dedication as they work tirelessly among their people to share the Gospel. These individuals, driven by a profound faith and deep compassion, devote their lives to bringing hope and salvation to impoverished communities throughout this country. Despite facing immense challenges such as limited resources and a life of poverty, these believers remain steadfast in their commitment to travel to remote villages and spread the message of the Gospel.

There is something unsettlingly beautiful about this resilient land. This is a country of vibrant colours and ancient structures that lie among the palm trees and rivers. Their dark history with the former regime is like a shadow that lurks amidst the ornate pagodas and bustling cityscapes contrasted with the resilient spirit of the people. Here is where sorrow and hope intertwine.

Today, the country is on a path of recovery, but there are still tribal groups who adhere to animism and rely on witchdoctors. However, the presence of church planters is crucial in delivering the message of the Gospel to these remote communities. With the use of virtual platforms like WhatsApp and Zoom, national church planters and pastors can now receive training and support remotely. As a result, established church planting movements are poised to reach even more unreached villages and individuals in the jungles, leading to an accelerated rate of church planting in the future.

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