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Jonathan and Rachel Labelle

Partner Church | North America
Jonathan and Rachel Labelle
Eglise La Cite - Quebec

Jonathan is a passionate visionary filled with ideas to share the Gospel in Quebec. Pastor-planter for 3 years, he has been in the ministry for nearly 20 years. La Cité Laval's vision is to see Jesus transform the city one person at a time. Since God acts in the hearts of individual believers as well as those whom he calls to become a follower, our mandate is to make him known. We are convinced that Jesus is the only one who can fill the heart of every human being who seeks a fulfilled life. Jonathan is married to Rachel and they have two daughters, Charlotte and Rose.


Laval is a growing region and an island north of Montreal. It is the third largest city in Quebec, it is also the largest suburb, it has half a million inhabitants and it is considered the region that will have the most growth in the next 12 years. Despite these statistics, the most striking thing is that Laval is the city with the fewest Francophone churches per capita. Laval residents are reluctant to listen to the message of the Gospel like everywhere in Quebec, so let's pray together for this region!

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