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Rob and Julie Laidlaw

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Rob and Julie Laidlaw
Explore Church - Eastern Passage Nova Scotia

After twelve years of pastoring, we finally realized our heart's passion is for planting new churches. We love living by faith and wondering exactly how God is going to provide and build his church through a small focused team. Our passion is to see Jesus brought into communities of Nova Scotia where the gospel is not known or initially well received. Rob's strengths are in strategic planning and clarifying Gospel truths both in his preaching and counseling. Julie complements Rob well with gifting in children's and music ministries. God has blessed us abundantly and we are currently engaged in our second church plant in the Halifax area.


Explore Church meets in a Lion's Club in the small community (approximately 8,000 people) of Eastern Passage, across the harbour from Halifax. What was once a small fishing village and housing base for the military and nearby auto port, is now seeing increasing growth with an influx of middle-class families. Despite the growth, it still maintains a strong and unique sense of community. Though the people here are not overly spiritually receptive, with time and relational investment we are starting to see a growing interest in people exploring a relationship with Jesus Christ. Eighty percent of Explore attendees were not attending church prior to coming.

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