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Steve Jean-Baptiste and Véronique Joseph-Blais

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Steve Jean-Baptiste and Véronique Joseph-Blais
Église Le Campus - Canada

God called us to church plant and it is with passion and perseverance that we work, to bring the good news of the Gospel to our city. We believe that through: a local church centered on Jesus; A community of believers rooted in its community, as well as support and mutual aid initiatives, we can adequately carry this message of love and transformation to the families of our city.

Le Campus Church is the only multicultural Christian church in a densely populated neighbourhood of just over 20,000 people in Montreal's east end. The church reflects its local community, which is also multicultural, multigenerational and from various social and economic backgrounds. The needs are great in this neighborhood both in terms of support for families, 20% of whose families are single-parent, as well as youth and children.

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