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Simple Obedience

January 17, 2022

Simple Obedience

“Over 4 years ago, we were out with MNE (Monday Night Evangelism) asking God who to talk with. We passed several people and then saw a woman coming down the sidewalk who I felt the Lord wanted me to pray for. I introduced myself and began to tell Luisa* the Lord had drawn my attention to her, but with a thick accent Luisa interrupted with "No English." My heart dropped, and I wondered if I had heard the Lord right. I motioned with my hands, 'I love Jesus. I pray for you?' She excitedly nodded yes and pointed to her painful knees. We got down on the sidewalk; I put my hands on her knees and prayed for healing. Luisa indicated her thanks, and we parted ways.

The next week Luisa rushed over to us and hugged us. Her knees felt much better, and she wanted us to pray again. Since then Luisa has joined us every week, and through translators, we established a beautiful relationship. Last year Luisa invited a Spanish-speaking team member to her apartment nearby so that she could introduce Spanish-speaking residents from all over the world. That night Luisa’s Spanish-speaking friends gathered around a fire pit on the sidewalk and had great spiritual conversations. Now every Monday a group of 6-8 Spanish men and women learn about the amazing God who created us and His plan of redemption. Many feel welcomed as part of the family of God.” – Monday Night Evangelism Team Member

What an incredible testimony of how obedience to God’s leading can open the door for many others to come and know about God!
How is God leading you to share your faith with boldness?

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