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Peace Never Felt Before

February 01, 2022

Peace Never Felt Before

Here is a powerful testimony from our Monday Night Evangelism teams! We love hearing and celebrating what God is doing through sharing our faith with others. We hope this story encourages you today.

“He looked very gloomy and I asked him if there was anything he wanted prayer for. He shared that one of his siblings had recently committed suicide and it was a difficult time for his whole family. After we finished praying, he was amazed at the peace he experienced. This was a peace that he had never felt before. In addition, he asked how he could have this peace all of the time. His response to the hope we have in Jesus was to accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour!

Just after we prayed, his train arrived and he left before I was able to give him a Bible or connect him to a faith community. To my surprise, a little while later I saw the man arrived on the train platform across the street! He rushed back to me and said that he had to come back because he wanted to know more! His countenance had completely changed from when I first saw him earlier that night. We prayed for him again and gave him God’s word. When he finally headed home, he went carrying a new light of hope. Praise the Lord!" – Monday Night Evangelism Team Member

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