6 Ways to Support New Canadians + Refugees

June 21, 2022

6 Ways to Support New Canadians + Refugees

Friendships are one of the core needs for refugees who are new to Canada. Supports and programs helping refugees are vital to this experience, but so are the communities and neighbours where they now live. Calgary, here are 6 ways to support Refugees and New Canadians!

Here are six ways you, your family and your community can support refugees and those who are newcomers to Canada.

1. Make newcomers feel welcome. Smiling eyes and a kind word can go a long way. Be friendly, warm and patient when interacting with someone who struggles to communicate in English.

2. A little hospitality can go a long way. Deliver a snack or meal to a newcomer neighbour and welcome them to the community!

3. Help someone settle into their new life in Canada. Donate used household items and furniture to help them set up their new home. Make it special by delivering it yourself and allow them to express their thanks to you by accepting their invitation to come in for coffee or tea. Donate furniture through the Calgary Immigrant Support Society.

4. Be a friend to newcomers! Look out for them in your neighbourhood, workplace, school or where you shop or play. How can you make them feel welcome and get to know them better?

5. Volunteer. The New Canadian Friendship Centre has plenty of opportunities for you to support newcomers and refugees in Canada. 

6. Practice hospitality by inviting them around your table. Invite a newcomer into your home for coffee, tea or a meal and get to know them in an organic way.

Learn more about the New Canadian Friendship Centre and the work they are doing to support newcomers to Canada.

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