Sermons by: Kent Priebe

What are you after?

September 02, 2018 • Kent Priebe

"In the final instalment of the 2018 summer series, Pastor Kent Priebe has a look into the f...

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Pray For Our World

January 10, 2016 • Kent Priebe

"Pastor Kent speaks from James 5:13-20 in this sermon, to stir up our passion, desire, and convic...

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Christmas Through the Eyes of Mary

December 16, 2018 • Kent Priebe

"How do you respond to the things God calls you to do? When an angel appeared to Mary and brought...

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Gratitude Because of Grace

October 13, 2013 • Kent Priebe

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August 30, 2015 • Kent Priebe

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Why Baptism 2019

March 03, 2019 • Kent Priebe

Have you ever regretted a conversation? What about a day? Or what about regretting a whole decade...

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Hidden Mission

November 05, 2017 • Kent Priebe

Do you have compassion for the people around you? In this message Pastor Kent Priebe describes tr...

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Loving Surrender

July 21, 2019 • Kent Priebe

The Apostle John, in 1 John 5, affirms our salvation comes only by believing that Jesus is God’...

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Temptation : Walking to Victory

February 23, 2020 • Kent Priebe


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Choosing Gratitude

October 11, 2015 • Kent Priebe

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You Are Sent

November 02, 2014 • Kent Priebe

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Jesus is Closer Than You Think

May 10, 2015 • Kent Priebe

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