Global Ministries

Rob & Sharlene Dilts

Global Worker | Ontario
Rob & Sharlene Dilts

TRAVELING THE RIVER TOGETHER with the Creator, celebrating culture in friendship, peace, and goodwill. We serve in the lands of the Omàmìwinini (Alonquins) Anishinaabe in Eastern Ontario and live in the community of Golden Lake, across the river from the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation. As ambassadors in the ministry of reconciliation, our focus is in learning to travel the river (of life) together with the Creator (Creator Sets Free, Jesus Christ), celebrating culture in friendship, peace and goodwill and inviting others to join in this journey.

It is our hope and prayer to see people of every tongue, nation and culture gathering to experience the living Christ and be free to worship according to their traditions as who they have been created to be in the image of the Creator God. We long to see people and communities reconciled to each other, our Creator and all of creation.

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