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Derryl & Karen Friesen

Global Worker | Thailand
Derryl & Karen Friesen

Hey there! Karen and I love people and we love this faith adventure of “life” that God has given us. We’ve been married 41 years and 2023 marks 35 years serving the global Bible translation movement together on five continents. A life-time of cross-cultural ministry fluctuates wildly between the seriously tough and the tedious mundane . . . often on any given day! But what keeps us inspired and pressing forward is the thrill of witnessing the utter transformation of broken lives as they come face to face with the love of Jesus and the power of the Word of God in their own heart language. We are humbled by the beautiful relationships God births around us with neighbors and even strangers on the street. Besides our own family, including our 10 delightful grandchildren, our lives have become so rich with “kids” (some now with their own children) calling us mom and dad in Kenya, Sudan, Japan and Thailand!

Currently we serve in Thailand as Wycliffe Canada’s field partner liaisons for 11 initiatives in Mainland Southeast Asia. These projects are impacting hundreds of thousands of people in upwards of 30 language groups. They include creating alphabets and writing systems for unreached languages; Bible translation; mother-tongue literacy development; training and capacity building; and Scripture engagement with printed Bibles, Bible audio players, Bible apps and Scripture-based trauma healing ministries. The “Strengthening Christian Families” program in one war-torn county is expanding rapidly across the region, far beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, as millions of people desperately grasp for any sense of hope and meaning in their lives. Together with our faithful partners, we praise God for the abundant fruit being born as entire communities are transformed by the life-changing power of the newly translated, living Word of God. Alongside this, we remain amazed at the bountiful new crop of young, motivated, long-term missionary recruits God is raising up locally and from around the world to serve the Bibleless peoples in this region.

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