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Abe & Diane Bible

The war in Ukraine came as a shock in 2022, but perhaps a bigger shock for us was God’s call to us to train and activate leaders to open Centers of Hope. Most people would be thinking of retirement at our ages, but we are building on over 30 years of ministry here in Ukraine. We have the connections. We have the training materials. And God has provided many financial partners who care and a large prayer support base (and we would invite you to join in prayer!). The needs of traumatized, shattered lives is heart breaking. But, we know where our Hope is. Who it is, who can heal their hearts and rebuild their lives. We have many Center of Hope leaders who are finding ways not just to provide material help, but minister to souls.

Nothing rejoices our hearts more than hearing of lost souls who have found Life in Christ. People who confirm their commitment to Christ through baptism. People who are excited about what Jesus has done for them and are sharing with their family, friends, and neighbors. Transformed communities is the goal. And it is our joy to participate with the Lord in transformation and renewal for Ukraine!

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