Why do we need a new site?

Welcome to our new website

Why do we need a new site?

We want this to be a user-friendly website where you can learn who we are and be invited into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus. Over several years, our church has grown in what it means to be One Church in Many Locations and how to love our city and serve it well. We've built this new site, based on research of web best practices and the work of other churches our size, along with the experience of our congregation, to create something that allows you to find the information you need quickly and easily.

Create an Account!

This site is even better if you create an account and log in. The site will remember your campus and take you there for the latest information relevant to you. Being logged in will also make registering for events quicker and easier and you can set what communications you receive from us. In the future, you will be able to see what events you’ve registered for, and we’ll be adding more features as time goes by.

Staying up-to-date

Rather than going to the homepage to find the latest information on what’s happening at CSC, most events are now listed on campus pages. Because the site is easy to navigate, you should be able to find anything else you're looking for with just a click. Logging in will provide you with more information and one of the best things to do is sign up for campus emails here, which will keep you informed and connected!

Finding sermons (and other content)

You can find sermons and so much more by clicking “Watch and Read” in the top right of any page. There you’ll find the latest sermon, archives of past sermons, along with stories, videos and many other resources.

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