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Build Open House

clock 6:30 PM
location Central

Come and see the new space God has provided His church through your generosity!

As we continue our phased ministry move-in at Central Campus, we are excited to welcome all Central Campus attendees to walk through the new spaces at our upcoming Central Campus Expansion Open House!

Join us after church on Dec 16 and see what God has provided through all our generosity. Come and see how He is filling the room we have built for Him in our lives and our church!

Saturday Dec 16 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm

We have hot dogs available for purchase in the cafe on Dec 16. If you need to wait after the service, just hang out in the cafe area and we will inform you when you are ready to go on the walk-through!

“As I cleaned, I felt overwhelmed with this image, like I’m uncovering this diamond in the rough. I’m cleaning away these layers of debris and construction dust and slowly this beautiful mansion of the Lord’s comes alive. It’s like – wow! Look what God has provided! The people have given their time, tithes and offerings and this is what Christ has produced through us!

As I wipe the windows and doors, removing layers of dirt, God gives me this glimpse into what He does with each of us. Little by little, Christ cleans us from the inside out, unveiling each of us as a new creation – the person we each were designed to be. As I scrubbed, I thought about all the children that are going to come, what they are going to learn, how they are going to grow and become more and more like Jesus. Some of these jobs God calls us to do are not fun, but if you stick with it and let God work through you, beauty happens.”

- Joyce Forster, CSC volunteer sharing her experience of cleaning to prepare the expansion for opening.