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Zalishchyky Baptist Church

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Zalishchyky Baptist Church
Zalishchyky, Ukraine

My wife Olena and daughters Esther and Ruth are a great support in my ministry. Ruth graduated from music school and now accompanies the singing in church by playing the piano. Olena does a great job assisting me with organizational matters. Esther is actively involved in children`s ministry. Pastor Oleh leads two churches, one church in the village of Kadubivtsi, and as church planter in the town of Zalishchyky.Church_-_Olena_Zalishchyky_Baptist_Church.JPGThe village of Kadubivtsi has 3500 residents, 50 of whom attend our local church. However, the town of Zalishchyky has 10000 residents and only 10 go to our small church. Our evangelical church preaches the Gospel to two communities with a total population of 45000 people, where there are practically no evangelical churches.

During this period, we have had the opportunity to minister to IDPs (refugees) from eastern Ukraine, including the needy and the elderly. Seniors are in great need as well as children with cerebral palsy in the hospital in village of Tovste. Senior homes and hospitals are now home to IDPs and people in need. A part of our ministry is also providing food packages and God’s Word to 00 people who have no roof over their heads and no one to take care of them. we continue to share about faith, repentance, and salvation through Jesus Christ.

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