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Yeven and LiudmylaTaran

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Yeven and LiudmylaTaran
There is Hope Church - Novotroitske, Ukraine

Using the gift of leadership, my family and I planted and developed churches in south Ukraine. Before the war, I couldn’t even dream that I would start a new chapter in my life - ministry in a Christian charity. By the grace of God, I have been HART’s Director in Ukraine for about a year. I am the founder and pastor of the church in the town of Novotroitske, located in the south of Ukraine, 20 km from Crimea. In 2010, my wife Liudmyla, my daughters Anastasia, Daryna, and Sofia and I moved to this town to plant a new church.  Church_-_Taran_There_is_hope.pngIn 2014, we founded a church, which we called “There Is Hope,” and in 2019, we began construction of a church building. Now the church is under occupation as a dormitory.

In the short time that the There Is Hope church existed there, many different ministries were held: family, children's and teenage camps, evangelistic ministries, social projects, etc. By the grace of God, and thanks to the support provided by the church`s partners, and the ministry of the church members, we have seen the lives of local residents and the town itself change. We witnessed former prisoners becoming loving disciples of Christ and deacons of the church. We remember the prayers and testimonies of the teenagers who attended the church. We will never forget the laughter and joy of children at Sunday school.

Currently, almost all church members have left the town. Despite being scattered, the whole church is praying and hoping for the return of peace to our town and continuation of the ministry.

We believe that the Lord will help our country to survive and return all the territories, as well as peace and tranquility to the people. We believe that through prayer and faith we will be able to return home and begin a new, free and peaceful ministry to people who are now in difficult circumstances. We believe in the power and mercy of God for our people and for our church. construction was completed in October 2021.

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