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World Partners is the global mission arm of The Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada. Our mission statement is: “learn with, connect, and mobilize people to adaptively participate in Jesus’ mission everywhere.” World Partners seeks to help EMCC churches, personnel, and individuals do the following:

  1. Learn from the global church, seeking to be culturally aware in the process. Word Partners provides opportunities and resources for learning and engagement with a disciple-making focus.
  2. Engage in relationship-first partnerships with global workers and partners. World Partners currently provides support to 65 of these workers and partners in 18 countries.
  3. Engage in an asset-based approach with global partners and projects, supporting the ways in which they are recognizing and using the resources they have to address community needs.
  4. Respond with compassion to those made vulnerable by injustice, poverty, disaster, or displacement.

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