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Pastor Anatoly and Olena Yakobchuk

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Pastor Anatoly and Olena Yakobchuk
Transfiguration Church - Berezhany, Ukraine

My wife Olena and I invite families from our church and friends from the town to our house almost every Sunday to socialize, build community, and show hospitality.

Transfiguration Church doesn`t have many members, but the war has made its own adjustments. Immediately after the full-scale invasion, many internally displaced persons (IDPs) came to the town.Church_-_Anatoly_transfirguration.pngThe Lord gave the church good opportunities to serve the IDP’s who were forced to move from the occupied or war-torn territories. We have been helping them to find and arrange housing in our town and the surrounding villages. The local residents responded and let people affected by the war use their abandoned homes. We helped them to repair these houses, provided them with basic furniture, and brought them food, clothes, and firewood. Currently, three families from Zaporizhzhia region live in our purchased but not yet restored church building.

About 4,000 internally displaced people live Berezhany, forty of whom have joined our church. Some of the believing families have joined our ministry and are already helping with home groups, children’s camps, and other ministries allowing us to reach more people and be more fruitful in our ministry.

HART’s child sponsorship program plays a very special role in the ministry of our church, helping us serve sixty families who have found themselves in unfavorable life circumstances. We thank the Lord that through child sponsorship people are joining the Church. This year, the mother of a child supported through the child sponsorship program was baptized.

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