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Fire Exit Theatre

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Fire Exit Theatre

We are a non-profit semi-professional theatre company whose aim is to artistically explore the world through the lens of faith. Our mandate is HOPE-CHALLENGE-CHANGE. Through theatre we are challenging our artists’ and patrons’ beliefs while telling stories of transformation and redemption. We believe in partnerships. We strive to invest our lives in art that matters. We want to build a community engaged in a dialogue about “the bigger things” in life. We are governed by a Board of Directors, to which we are accountable to, and a vision driven by the founder and Artistic Director. We are a safe environment for artists to explore their art and faith journeys. Fire Exit Theatre strives to produce excellent, innovative art that unlocks the soul of its audience and builds:

  • A vibrant, meaningful community engaged in a dialogue about faith, and
  • A satisfying creative experience for developed and developing artists.
  • Our Values: Hope. Challenge. Change. Craft. Radical Hospitality. Integrity. Generosity. We think theatre should be more like church and church should be more like theatre.

We Tell Stories That Matter

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