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Fimiam Baptist

Partner Church | Europe
Fimiam Baptist
Lutsk, Ukraine

Pastor Pasha is the senior pastor of a vibrant church in Lutsk - Fimian Baptist. Fimiam Church has an active ministry to handicapped people. They provide support, care and organize summer camps for them. Their rehab ministry has branched out to serve soldiers injured in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

A country riddled with war and crisis, yet full of promise. Communities and homes are heavily impacted by the number of orphans and abandoned children. Addictions to alcohol and drugs have become one of the major causes of broken families, leading to low income and high levels of poverty in Ukraine. Abuse is rampant and often a normal reality. Even in times of crisis and war, God is multiplying His church in Ukraine. God’s love for the orphans and His love for the people of Ukraine is so evident and it is expressed through the efforts of the local church. God is renaming this nation as special, valuable, powerful, and free.


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