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Benjamin and Véronique Desruisseaux

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Benjamin and Véronique Desruisseaux
Église Le Clocher - Quebec

Benjamin Desruisseaux is married to Véronique and they have four beautiful children: Édouard, Maéva, Joaquim and Phœbé. Benjamin is from the region of Rigaud and Véronique is from Trois-Rivières in Quebec. We met in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, where the Fellowship Baptist sent us to help plant a daughter church. I had only been a Christian for a year and Véronique was on fire for the mission. God has equipped us in this challenging and exciting context which requires a lot of autonomy. After a few years we came back to Quebec and while I was pursuing my career, as an industrial designer, I served five years as a youth pastor in two churches and then served as a pastor-in-training. After four years of service as an associate pastor at the Baptist church in Vaudreuil, God has called us to church planting. I have a passion for missional groups and discipleship.

We want to reach French speaking people with the Gospel going those who will never venture into a church building. Seeking to meet people where they are in their daily lives. We are planting a French-speaking church in the youthful and fast-growing region of Vaudreuil-Soulanges of120,000 people with only two small French speaking churches. We are focusing on setting-up missional groups in the various neighbourhoods of Vaudreuil-Dorion and the surrounding area, which together will form L’Église Le Clocher (Bell Tower Church).

The three main objectives of our church plant are:

  • Grow the church and the kingdom of God through the conversion of new families.
  • Demonstrate a simple, joyful, and reproducible church planting model that becomes a daily lifestyle for followers of Jesus.
  • Train the next generation of leaders and inspire them for the mission. 

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