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Community Prayer Walk and Healing Prayer

calendar Wed, July 24
clock 7:00 PM
location Central

There's no better time than summer to enjoy the great outdoors. Feel the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze as we walk and pray. It’s a wonderful way to appreciate God's creation while sharing His love with those around us. Let's unite as a church family to spread peace and blessings through our community with a dedicated prayer walk. As we stroll through our neighborhoods, workplaces, and favorite leisure spots, we’ll take this opportunity to connect with God and with each other, lifting up our surroundings in prayer.

Why a Prayer Walk?

In these challenging times, the power of prayer is more important than ever. By walking and praying, we actively bring peace to every corner of our communities. Our prayers can touch lives, bring hope, and transform our surroundings. Together, we can make a positive impact, one step at a time.


We invite you to walk in your own neighborhoods, near your workplaces, or in places where you love to spend your free time. Whether you walk alone, with family, or with friends, your prayers will make a difference. Let's spread out and cover our communities in a blanket of prayer.

Check out the attached prayer guide that you can use as you plan your walk.

Prayer Guide

Alternatively and for those desiring Healing Prayer, this will still happen at Central Campus at 7:00pm in the Prayer Room.