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clock 12:00 AM
location Central

Church, THIS is the season of MORE! We want more of God, and we want Him to do more in our mission, our relationships and our lives!

This is the year we get double the square footage at Central Campus and we’re excited for this historic moment. This is also the year to get ready! God calls all of us to be obedient to His calling – not out of duty but out of joy because He wants MORE for us and wants to do more through us! He is calling all of us into something bigger than ourselves which is His Church – His Body! That’s how He gets things done – In us and through us!

Be a part of what He is doing!

As we draw rapidly closer to the opening, aside from praying ceaselessly for God’s hand in our timelines, there are two more ways we can prepare:

  1. Serve as a move-in volunteer and/or a ministry volunteer! (See below)
  2. Stay informed

We Need Move-In Volunteers to:

  • Move boxes and supplies to the new spaces,
  • Assemble new furniture
  • Help with cleaning the new spaces, and
  • Other miscellaneous move-in needs as they are needed.

We estimate we will need these roles at various points in the next few weeks. Sign up for more information by filling in the form on the button below and you will receive more specific information about these opportunities and timelines in the coming weeks or months.


Children and Youth Ministry Volunteers

God is bringing more people to Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, and other discipling ministries across CSC!

Once the expansion opens, we will have the space for more children and youth, but will we have the people to serve them?

We need armies of volunteers in the following roles to link arms and step up to serve in response to growth.

  • Group Leaders
  • Storytellers
  • Children’s Hosts and Large Group Teachers
  • Worship Leaders
  • Guest Services Volunteers
  • Task Teams
  • Set-Up Teams
  • 1-1 Buddy (Special Needs)
  • Clean Teams