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Freedom Session 2024-2025

Authentic discipleship includes emotional and spiritual healing – learning to live an examined life - an invitation for God to reveal and remove our emotional and spiritual walls so we can grow and further reflect the character and life of Christ.

Freedom Session is an investigative journey into how we deal with adversity and challenges. We examine our past experiences, our strengths and pitfalls, connect them to our current way of living and remove behavioral barriers that trap us - pornography, frozen emotions, broken marriages, sexual woundedness, abuse, spiritual emptiness, depression, anger, fear and addictions.

Beneath these symptoms lay the buried wounds of a hurting heart, looking for hope and meaning. As Jesus heals the heart, the unhealthy, destructive ways that cause pain in our lives become less attractive. Shame loses its grip as the lies controlling us are replaced by God’s truth, setting us free to be our authentic selves - made whole, set free and delivered!

The final eight sessions teach practical ways to be in God's word, hear from Him directly, how to create an authentic life plan, set healthy boundaries and resolve conflict God's way.

Learn how to live a Jesus Shaped Life through Freedom Session!

Cost: $75 non-refundable fee plus 3 workbooks at $35 each.

Seats are limited. Accepted applications will receive a time-sensitive invitation email in late August with instructions on how to remit payment to secure your seat. Please wait until Sept 01st, 2024 before requesting status of your application form.

Note: Freedom Session is held in person only (online or hybrid FS is not available through CSC)

Apply below to experience freedom and discipleship in a way you never thought possible!

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