Ask the Big Questions. Try Alpha.

We all Have Questions.

How can I have faith?   Who is Jesus?   Why did He die?   Why and how do I pray?
Who is the Holy Spirit?   Does God heal today?   How do I resist evil?
What about the church?

Explore the Christian Faith
Designed for anyone that's new in their journey of discovering who God is and what Christianity is all about. Alpha is a twelve-week course, a safe place to ask the big questions. We'll cover topics including Who is Jesus and why did he die? How do I pray and read the Bible? Who is the Holy Spirit? How can I resist evil? and so much more.

What can I expect?
We start with a 30-minute video for that week's topic. Following the video, we host group discussions to unpack what we've learned. Come and bring your questions, doubts and ideas, and discover with others who Jesus is and what it means to know and follow Him.

Alpha Groups

Zoom Online: Thursday Evenings (Starting: June 6, 7-8:30pm) 

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In-Person Central Campus: Thursday Evenings (Starting: Sept 12, 6:45-8:15pm)

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In-Person Bearspaw Campus: Monday Evenings (Starting: Sept 23, 7-8:45pm)

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Zoom Online: Thursday Evenings (Starting: Sept 26, 7-8:30pm)

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